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If somebody is asking how to add points for some rule multiple times and every time different amount of point then first please check the needed code changes explained here:

and then AFTER particular rule is already installed use the back end of the MySql database and in the rule table update columns:


with values which fulfill your requirements.


Lets say you already have the rule enabled for the commenting the article. Rule is set to add the 10 points. Rule also has the ref code to preserve and keep giving same user 10 points next time when he again comment same article. Then you decide to let the same user to get extra 2 points for one more comment. To have the rule ready for that you need to update columns as:

isdeductable = 1
stepvalue = -8
maxmin= 2

Lets say you want to download DocMan document. Rule on downloading is set to take 10 points. Rule also has the document id as ref code to prevent substract of the points for future downloading (so user normally can download multiple times same document without loosing the points). But somehow you decided to 'charge' downloading even next 3 times. Each time 3 points less.To have the rule ready for that you need to update columns as:

isdeductable = 1
stepvalue = 3
maxmin= -1

This is because -10 is the starting points already defined. So step value need to be +3 and maximum value to where rule can apply is -1 (this will be the last amount to charge upon downloading same document - all future downloads will be free).

I hope you understood the logic. 

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