This is the home of Remository, a powerful file repository extension for Joomla!

New Remository interface, new features

Remository has been developed over a number of years. But it is now undergoing a big overhaul. It retains rich functionality, but it will soon have a new, modern user interface. Recently added features in the version coming soon are:

  • Terrific new interfaces, both client side and admin side
  • A fully integrated comment facility
  • All screens support template overrides for customisation
  • New language files also support overrides
  • Control of the configuration through "Options"

Remository as Joomla Update Server

The new Remository can be used as a Joomla Update Server. Its powerful role based access controls limit who can get updates, and can be combined with products such as Membership Pro. A pairing like this provides the tools for anyone selling downloads by subscription.

New File Storage for Remository

Remository has long provided database storage for the files in the repository. This gives excellent security, since the files do not exist in the file system, and so cannot be directly used for any exploit. It also allows Remository to be migrated to another server entirely by moving the database tables. Now, in a further innovation, Remository offers file storage using Amazon S3. This can overcome hosting limitations. It also means that files from the repository are delivered by Amazon at lightning speed, with no overhead on the web server running Remository. Other storage options will be developed if there is a demand for them.

Traditional Remository Features

  • Files can be arranged in folders (or containers) that can be nested to any depth you need.
  • Each folder has independent access controls, separately for uploads, downloads, editing and auto-approve. The controls allow for any combination of user groups to have each permission.
  • Fast and efficient searching of the file repository, on either the file titles or the descriptions, or both.
  • Text descriptions for both folders and files
  • Optional user ratings for files, as well as the comment system
  • A selection of modules to give information about the repository such as newest files
  • Plugins including Quickdown - a plugin that allows information from the repository to be inserted into articles
  • Optional thumbnail images for files, with larger popups of the image
  • Numerous configuration options

Support Services

Subscribers have access to professional support services, backed by a ticket system and the ability to raise questions online.