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Remository Modernisation

A modernisation programme has started. For a long time, Remository was able to run with any version of Joomla from 1.0 to the present, or with Mambo or Aliro. The current download works with the latest production releases of Joomla. As older systems have become less used, and with Joomla 4 in the offing, it is time to update Remository.

New versions will run only with Joomla 3.9+ and eventually also with Joomla 4.

Rapid release programme

For the time being, we will be making frequent releases of new code. Because this is being done quickly, there is a higher risk of faults than with our main releases. At times, multiple versions will be available so that you have alternatives to choose from. Versions may be withdrawn without notice, although there will always be at least one version available in the new release section.


The forum has been withdrawn as most of the content is now outdated. An alternative will be provided, but until then please contact us with any queries.

Still running a site with Joomla 1.0 or Mambo?

Maybe you don't want to tackle the steep upgrade path for all sites that are still working well. But you may be worried about falling behind, or about lack of support. Now there is a solution. The Aliro Project has created drop in replacements - J-One-Plus and Maliro. Both can run in modern hosting including PHP 5.3.x and will be supported for the forseeable future with bug fixes and possible enhancements.

Premium Support Service

Many sites rely on Remository, and we are pleased to offer a premium support service for our products. We have kept Remository totally open source and free to use, unlike many others who offer advanced features only in a "Pro" version. Unlike them, we provide you with sophisticated technology at no cost. You do not need to subscribe to report faults, if you find one.

But it is not possible to also provide a high level of support free of charge. For that reason, we have introduced Premium Support for people who use Remository and/or Glossary and need support they can rely on. The services offered are:

  • Advice on initial implementation and configuration
  • Enhancement requests from Premium Support subscribers will have priority
  • Priority handling of support requests

Please go to the support page for more information.


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