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User points management for Joomla 4.x/5.x (also 3.10.x).

Please note that this is software under development

You are very welcome to experiment with it, or to use it, and feedback is much appreciated. There is a lot of work needed to bring this software up to date, as well as make it compatible with Joomla 4/5. How far we go with it will depend on the level of interest and support. Development has now reached a stage where it seemed reasonable to launch it on the Joomla Extension Directory and to make a small charge for the software and its support. For the moment, the charge is a nominal 5 USD for a year. To access UserPoints, please take out a "UserPoints Support and Upgrade" subscription. When forking, I first named the software Beta User Points, but some people thought this made it sound like a beta release. So I've changed to the simpler User Points.

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User Points 4.1.11

Submitted by admin on 05 Apr 2024 and has been downloaded 26 times

Descended from Alpha User points via Alta User Points, this is a Joomla 3.10.x/4.x/5.x component. It manages user points that can be earned through...


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