Diagnostic Toolkit

Submitted On: 15 Jun 2024
File Size: 96
Downloads: 13
File Version: 1.0
File Author: Martin Brampton and Les Arbres Web Design

The toolkit is a combined product from the creators of Remository and from Les Arbres Web Solutions.

It consists of a plugin, a site module, an administrator module and a component. The component is Ladkit from Les Arbres and you can find the user manual by following the link. It includes a number of facilities, including a file manager that can be used to insert diagnostic code when trouble shooting. It can also run fragments of PHP code within the Joomla environment. And a number of other useful tools.

The modules are similar apart from being for site or administrator. The plugin supports setting diagnostics. The only requirement is a "use" statement and some simple methods to store information, dump variables, print a trace, or die. The plugin also captures errors so that it can display your diagnostics even if the application crashes - something that is missing with the standard Joomla error page (with debug).

Diagnostics can be controlled by the site debug setting, or set to run regardless of it. In addition, you can specify one or more IP addresses and only when the client is from those addresses will there be diagnostics. Thus it is possible to insert diagnostics into a live system without affecting regular users.

The modules always display the use statement that is needed and the method declarations, so as to have a note of how to use the diagnostic system.

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