Remository 4.2.11

Submitted On: 07 Jun 2024
File Size: 2834
Downloads: 228
File Version: 4.2.11
File Author: Martin Brampton

The 4.2.0 release adds user selection of favourites, integration with UserPoints, Turkish language translation by Mehmet Taş, DeepL machine translations for German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish. Also some bug fixes and code tidying. Release 4.2.11 has bug fixes including for adding files already on the server.

Introducing the all-new Remository - the file repository created for Joomla 4.x CMS, that's compatible with 3.10.x.

If you have large volumes of information you need to securely store, annotate and share at super-fast speeds, you'll love the latest version of Remository,

With its fully updated user interface, the new Remository offers total compatibility with both Joomla 4.x and Joomla 3.10.x, while highly flexible access controls let you fine tune precisely who sees your information.

As your files don't need to exist in a file system, you can safely store and protect them from exploits, then deliver them at ultra-fast speeds using Amazon S3. Whether you need to distribute technical manuals, spreadsheets, or software driver downloads, or anything else, Remository is the file repository that's been built for the digital age.

The NEW Remository gives you:

Secure file storage and easy migration - Database or S3 storage protects from exploits and allows for easy movement of information

File delivery using Amazon S3 - Overcome web hosting limitations and let Amazon deliver your files at ultra-fast speed, removing overheads on your server

Ability to sell downloads by subscription - Combine Remository with software like Membership Pro and use the Joomla Update Server feature, to assign role based access to specific user groups

Integration with UserPoints- Charge points for downloads, award points for uploads

Smart Folder Organisation - Nest folders to any depth, with text descriptions for folders and files

Multiple Plugins - Including Quickdown, so information can be embedded in web articles

Independent access control – Fine tune user group access for each folder and restrict uploads, downloads, editing and auto-approve separately

Fast, super-efficient search - Search by file titles or descriptions

Optional user ratings & Integrated Comment feature – Receive feedback and let users add comments to your files

Easy customisation - Numerous options, add thumbnails, version, title, author info & more

Information modules - Access repository data easily, discover newest & popular files, etc…

Full Tech Support - Professional help to fix any issues you experience with Remository

All major Remository pages are now in Joomla style views (or layouts), so that you can override them via Joomla template overrides. Likewise the CSS can be overriden. The Remository language definitions have migrated from the old style "defines" to .ini files. Again, these can be overriden. Unfortunately, the transition means that the numerous translations are not currently available. Currently French language is provided. Offers to translate into other languages welcome.

Please note particularly that the configuration page for admin has been replaced by the use of Joomla "Options". It is advisable to review the options and save any changes before going into live use.

There is new documentation (still being added to) available for you to read.

Remository is available by recurring annual subscription, for just $49. Your subscription includes access to our professional technical support services, so if you have any issues with Remository, you can get them sorted straight away.

I hope you enjoy using the all-new Remository,

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