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The components here are built on sophisticated technology, but should be simple to use for most purposes. A growing range of resources exist to help you. If you have a query or problem, please look first at the FAQs . You can explore them from the menu, or you can use the site search to enter something about your problem or query.


There is a well used forum that is frequented by people with varying levels of knowledge.  Lots of information is accumulating there - it is best to search for what you want before posting a question - you may well get the answer quicker that way!  Please bear in mind that the forum is really intended to be used for self help, with one user assisting another. The developer of these components visits the forum regularly and tries to answer any outstanding question, but pressure of work means that there is no guarantee of any particular response time. But there is an exclusive forum for Premium Support subscribers (see below) that will receive priority attention.

Support tickets

Sorry, the support ticket system is currently unavailable. But if you have a serious problem with Remository, please write to martin at

Custom code

Although the components available here are designed to be flexible, there will still be situations where you would like them to fit particular requirements or to have features that are not yet available. Chargeable services are available to build custom versions to your exact specification. Custom support and advice services are also available. Please contact us to discuss custom services in more detail.

Premium Support

Many sites rely on Remository and Glossary, and we are now pleased to offer a premium support service for our products. We have kept Remository and Glossary totally open source and free to use, unlike many others who offer advanced features only in a "Pro" version. Unlike them, we provide you with sophisticated technology at no cost.

But it is not possible to also provide a high level of support free of charge. For that reason, we have introduced Premium Support for people who use Remository and/or Glossary and need support they can rely on. The services offered include:

  • Advice on initial implementation and configuration
  • We will install Remository into your site if you wish
  • Access to an exclusive forum, available only to Premium Support subscribers
  • Enhancement requests from Premium Support subscribers will have priority
  • Priority handling of support tickets

Please note that the Remository projects are run by a very small number of people, and consequently it is not possible to give an absolute guarantee of a service level, and there will occasionally be periods when there is a brief suspension of service for holidays etc. However, the normal response to a request from a Premium Support subscriber will be within one business day. A fix cannot be guaranteed with any specific time, since the amount of work to deal with a problem is unknown until it has been investigated, but at all times Premium Support subscribers will have priority access to technical support time. All requests for service, apart from use of the exclusive forum, must be made through the support ticket system.

The charge for Premium Support for a single web site is 395 US dollars per year, or you can subscribe for a monthly fee of 34.95 US dollars. You can start your subscription right away by completing your Remository user name (if it is not already filled in for you) in one of the boxes to the left and making a payment through PayPal.

Corporate clients can purchase annual support and be invoiced - to instigate support using this payment method, please Contact Us with the address to be invoiced, a purchase order number or whatever authorisation is required by your organization.

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