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Remository is built on sophisticated technology, but should be simple to use for most purposes. You may need support though, and we offer a low cost subscription. For just $7.50 per three months, you can have access to our Question and Answer forum for general questions, and our ticket system for individual issues. The support service is provided by our parent company, Black Sheep Research. For information and to sign up, please visit the Black Sheep Research web site.

Our bug list is publicly available for you to browse. If you wish to report a bug, please create an account and log in.

Custom code

Although the components available here are designed to be flexible, there will still be situations where you would like them to fit particular requirements or to have features that are not yet available. Chargeable services are available to build custom versions to your exact specification. Custom support and advice services are also available. Please contact us to discuss custom services in more detail.


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