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Port 8081!?? - 2013/03/12 11:34 Hello,

Something went south on my remository install... I am running v3.53.11J on Joomla 1.5, and copied my entire Joomla account into a sub directory (development), and then copied the database. I wanted to see what updating to the latest version would do on the test /development dir.

Now, the production version has:


before every file, and directory (only for the remository component).

I disabled SEF rewriting (because this wouldn't work at all, only with non-SEF URLs). I cleared all my caches and it's still adding port 8081 to the URLs.

Any idea what's going on??

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Re:Port 8081!?? - 2013/03/13 11:16 Remository only adds a port if $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] contains a hostname that has a port, indicated by colon followed by a number, or if there is something in $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT']. The number 8081 must come from one of these - it isn't created by Remository. Martin Brampton aka Counterpoint
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