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access control for containers not working - 2010/03/01 04:13 hi im xtian,

i'm having a problem using my remository.. i'd setup the Access Control of the containers, (Download, Upload, Edit, Auto Approve) for their respective roles.. My problem is, any of the roles can download file which is not to their respective container.
a file named "President's Message" is in the container named "ADMIN DEPARTMENT"..
i'd set its access control role for Admin role only, (downloading, uploading, etc.). But when a user who is not a member of the Admin group (e.g. "Accounting" group) is trying to download the "President's Message" file, it's still downloadable eventhough this user is not authorized.
what i'm pointing is, that only Admin group can download/upload files at "ADMIN DEPARTMENT" container.
and so Accounting group for "ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT" container
or the respective groups to their respective containers.

I hope you get my problem, and get a reply thanks
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Re:access control for containers not working - 2010/03/07 22:02 Are you sure that they can download files, as opposed to look at them?

Bear in mind that there are separate configuration options for whether or not people can see files/folders where they cannot download.
Martin Brampton aka Counterpoint
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