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Diverse Problems Remository multi-module - 2007/04/27 12:22 I have a problem with I modulate manifold of recent unloadings, you complete unloadings etc. It is that I cannot put to him limits of characters I title that shows the block, an image:

What I would like is to put limits of 7 characters I title and that did not appear whole, since of text are created new line.

Another problem is the order of the New unloadings. For example: I must insert the archives from the 1 to the 10, once added remository appears in the block the ordered titles from the 1 to the 10 and it would please me that he appeared ordered from 10 to the 1, that appeared completes added unloading as first I title in I modulate. Sorry my English! This translated with a software translator.


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Re:Diverse Problems Remository multi-module - 2007/05/03 14:48 Sorry, I don't quite understand. Martin Brampton aka Counterpoint
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