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When is 3.20 coming out of beta - 2005/08/15 14:14 I realize that it is difficult to give any answer more specific than "When it is ready", but some hint would be nice. You are churning out betas at an impressive rate, which leads me to believe a stable version is close.

I'm almost ready to launch a new site, and 3.20 sure looks a lot nicer and has some nice companion modules. I don't want to go through the hassle of upgrading once the site is launched, as the first few weeks of a site's life is the most important for getting good users and downtime during this time is a good way to scare people away. If 3.20 is close, say a few weeks or so, I'll wait, otherwise I'll probably go with the old version for a while and perhaps upgrade half a year or so down the line.

So, some hints?
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Re:When is 3.20 coming out of beta - 2005/08/15 15:45 Much as I would like to offer a totally tested and bug free component, it seems unachievable. Partly because of my limited resources and partly because people use Remository in a huge variety of ways, not all of which I have even grasped!

So I think that we are very close to the release of an acceptable version that will probably run without fault for most people. The bugs found recently are significant, but so far as I can tell (hardly anyone writes in to say Remository is working) there is nothing that is really stopping people and for a while there has been nothing that would actually risk damage to a setup.

I'm just waiting for a bit more feedback, then will most likely offer a release. In the end, though, the choice has to be yours. I wouldn't really suggest anyone should be running 2.x versions now. Even after 3.20 is released, the 3.0x versions are bound to be the most bug free for a while, as they have been out for longer and in use by more people. But 3.20 is a significant step forward and any issues that slip through into the release will be fixed as quickly as possible. (In fact there are unlikely to be features added to any releases immediately after 3.20 since all development is now going into 3.40). I'd hope there will not be any critical faults in 3.20 at this stage.

Hope that is some help!
Martin Brampton aka Counterpoint
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Re:When is 3.20 coming out of beta - 2005/08/15 19:16 I understand completely that there will never be a "final" flawless version, I'm a programmer myself. What I needed to know was that there are no major showstoppers and that whatever may change between the current beta and a sharp 3.20 will not break anything in my site or the companion modules.

I think you have answered my question. I'll upgrade to the current beta, and if the sharp version is ready before i launch my site, I'll upgrade to it before launch, otherwise I'll wait until "opening day" is over to upgrade.

Remository is a great software, it will be very useful to me. I'm running 3.06 at the moment and it works without trouble (except perhaps that big uploads over slow connections cause PHP script timeouts, but Remository can hardly be blamed for that). Excellent!
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Re:When is 3.20 coming out of beta - 2005/08/16 04:10 Sounds fair. I've recently figured out that Remository can override the time limit for a script when carrying out a download. But I'm a bit puzzled about the problem of uploads timing out. Uploads are instigated as browser requests (POST) and the PHP script is not involved until after the upload is complete. Off hand, apart from the limits on upload file size and maximum POST size, I don't know of constraints in PHP that would cause an upload timeout. Do you know any more about this issue? I'd certainly be glad to find a solution if there is one!
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Re:When is 3.20 coming out of beta - 2005/08/16 12:20 Sorry, I don't know much more. I had problems, but when I increased the PHP script timeout or uploaded through a faster connection, it went away.

It should be easy enough to test, just set a short script timeout, then upload a large file through a slow connection, so that it can't finish before the timeout.

RemoCheck gave me an OK on the other parameters, so I doubt they are the problem.

If it makes any difference, I'm running the windows versions of Apache and PHP.

For me, this is a minor problem. My users are not allowed to upload large files for other reasons, and if I as admin want to upload a large file, I can change the settings temporarily.
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