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Remove "Published: yes - 2011/03/16 04:00 I've suppressed all the file details except the filename in the container and search results view, all except "Published: yes".

One of my users asked me why I'm displaying obviously superfluous information about every file in all my containers. "Published: yes . . Really?" says he, "I can already see that it's published, because LOOK, there it is!"

I laughed, and told him he had a point, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to suppress it. It's not an option on the customize tab of the configuration section.

Is there a way to suppress this?

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Re:Remove "Published: yes - 2011/04/05 15:46 The published tag is normally only shown to administrators, because only they can see unpublished files. Martin Brampton aka Counterpoint
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