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Archive permissions in the frontend - 2010/10/24 19:31 Hello,

When you upload a file by a registered user to Remository from the frontend can not choose the file is downloaded by different types of users (registration, visitor etc. ..). Does not appear that field. Only you can change the permissions from the backend of the folders. Is there another solution that can be added in the frontend user type? Our Remository must be fed by several registered users and there are two types of users (students or visiting teachers or librarians). The latter should have access to a particular type of document and the first to others.
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Re:Archive permissions in the frontend - 2010/10/25 05:49 - you would need to setup groups for the different types of submitters you have
- you might also need groups for the different type of downloaders you have
- you would then need to assign the respective submitter group to the upload role of the respective container and the appropriate download group to the download role
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