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No login form anymore... - 2013/03/14 12:39 Hi dear remository community!

I just installed remository in my old joomla setup and it worked fine already applying groups and roles.

I created one public and 2 groups for different registered users.

The problem may be related to a double menu entry (I already searched this forum for login problems). But I deleted the whole menu and its entries already and also cleaned the recycle bin and it still doesn't work as expected.

Lets start again how it was:

Setup was that I see 3 folders assigned to 3 groups. Two of them registered so if I clicked on such a folder the login form showed up.

Then (maybe related to aforementionded double menu entry):

I suddenly could access folders without login.
Groups seem still to take effect as if I enable option to hide files ('configuration'-'access rights') which doesn't apply to the group they are no longer shown so groups seem to work basically only the login form doesn't show up clicking on a folder anymore....

I hope I described it good enough and thank you in advance for taking the time to answer!

For now hiding the files is my workaroud but best would be to get the login request at entering one of the folders for registered users.
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