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Indexing PDF documents stored by Remository - 2010/08/18 04:53 Hi all !

I developed an extension called OS PDF Indexer which works together with Remository extension( and some other popular download extensions). It indexes PDF files stored by Remository and allow searching based on the content of these indexed files via Remository standard search and Remository search plugin .

If you want to find index PDF documents and make them searchable , please go to my site http://joomdonation.com to find out more detail about it .

Thanks ,

Ossolution Team
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Re:Indexing PDF documents stored by Remository - 2010/10/22 19:05 I have OS PDF Indexer installed and both the Indexer and Remository search plugins are enabled. The Remository PDFs have been indexed.

However, when I execute a native Remository search, the content of the PDFs are not included in the search. I haven't found any concise info on how to get indexed search results to work.

Has anyone encountered this issue in Remository? Is it possible I'm missing a plugin or config setting?
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