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"Server Moving Script" - 2009/01/27 13:29 Hi there!

We had a little 'problem-solving' here after we moved our webserver from a Win2k based to a Unix system.

We needed to update the filepath an the character set in the Database, and for that this little-dirty-hack was born!

The script reads all filenames from the download directory (so we'd get the OS' representation of the names), matches the read filenames against the file IDs from the database and then rewrites each database entry with the correct filename.

This can be done on a life system (well, we did it that way - don't know if it is really a good idea).

none found so far (but that don't mean there aren't any)

I'm sure this would be a nice kind of Addon for that great component!


So long!

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Re:"Server Moving Script" - 2009/02/03 09:25 Thanks Martin Brampton aka Counterpoint
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