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Glossary uninstall - 2010/07/31 12:31 I'd be glad of any feedback on the way Glossary uninstall works in version 2.7x

With Glossary 2.7, I have adopted the option in the Joomla packaging XML to use method="upgrade" which means that you can install the Glossary package without first uninstalling the Glossary component. However, there is a drawback to this mode of operation, in that if a file is no longer needed and is not part of the latest package, the Joomla installer does not remove it on an "upgrade".

Because of this, I have assumed that sometimes people will want to uninstall Glossary and then re-install it, so as to get a completely clean installation.

In this situation it is undesirable for Glossary to automatically uninstall the related modules and plugins, since uninstalling and reinstalling those results in the loss of the parameter settings and the configuration of how modules appear on pages. Because of this, the Glossary uninstall removes only the component, and the related plugins and modules have to be uninstalled separately.

Someone has complained that this is a deficiency with the Glossary uninstall.

I'd be glad of any views on these issues and how Glossary should behave during installation and uninstallation.
Martin Brampton aka Counterpoint
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Re:Glossary uninstall - 2010/08/01 05:49 I would suggest to provide Glossary as a zip called 'Glossary X UNZIP FIRST' with fileinfo of the respective download containing a list of the files included:
- GlossaryX.zip
- readme-new-install.txt
- readme-upgrade.txt
and a bold printed hint such as
Please read the read-me files before posting to forums.
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Re:Glossary uninstall - 2011/08/29 04:59 It seems to me that we're talking primarily about the difference between an uninstall with intent to install a newer version, vs. a true uninstall with no intent to re install.

With that distinction in mind, is it possible to provide a function within Remository's Control Panel that uninstalls in the way you are describing above (in preparation for an upgrade), but still allow the main Joomla installer/uninstaller to remove the component and all related items completely, without the claimed deficiency?

Of course, the Control Panel function would need to provide a full description of the difference between using the two methods.


If possible, another approach might be to equip the uninstaller with a pop-up question asking the admin which uninstall method they wish to use. If the admin clicks on "Upgrade Preparation", the uninstaller routine follows your above description. If the admin clicks on "Full Uninstall", everything is fully removed.


For some odd reason, the forum component is not allowing me to subscribe to the thread from outside of it. It tells me that I'm subbed, but then throws me over to my Profile page instead of back to the thread. After subbing to another thread from within a new post, I see that the sub to this one did not 'take'. Hoping it works, I'm editing this in order to sub from inside the post (and make you aware of the apparent forum bug).

Edit #2, the attempt to sub still didn't work. Looks like there's a bug in the forum component.

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