Export files from the repository

It would be useful to be able to export files from the repository in some form. A suggestion by a user is that it should be a zip file for each container (folder). This is technically feasible subject to the consideration of duplicate file names. Remository permits duplicate file names, either by using the option to include an ID number in the file name in the file system, or because database storage does not rely on file name.

A first step before such a facility could be used would be to run this SQL:

SELECT containerid, realname, count(*) AS number FROM `jos_downloads_files` GROUP BY containerid, realname ORDER BY number DESC

(you may need to change the prefix "jos_" to whatever is used in your database)

The earliest results will show the ID number of the container, the real name of the file, and the count of that name in the container. If all counts are 1, then there are no duplicate file names.

Category: Feature Requests

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