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Upgrading to 3.20+
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Aug 18, 2005 at 06:59 AM

If you are upgrading from an early version of Remository, you may need to follow this procedure. It is required for an upgrade from a version prior to 3.20.

  1. (optional but highly recommended) Back up your database.

  2. If you are running Remository 3.x AND YOU HAVE AT LEAST ONCE INSTALLED VERSION 3.X rather than upgrading by copying the program files, then you can simply uninstall it without damage to your existing database tables. Once a 3.x version of Remository has been installed through the Mambo component installer, then uninstalling Remository will not affect the Remository database tables. After uninstalling the current version, install version 3.20 using the standard CMS component installer. If the last ACTUAL INSTALL was done with a 2.x version, then follow the procedure for 2.x.

  3. If you are running Remository 2.x then you should first download and install the Remository Manager component. That is a purely admin side component that will provide you with some useful utility functions. Choose the option that removes a version 2.x Remository without damaging the database tables. Then you can install version 3.20 using the standard CMS component installer.

  4. In any situation where you have existing database tables, the first thing to do after the installation is to select from the admin Components drop down menu the Remository item and the Convert pre-3.20 database sub-option. This will convert your database, moving data into new tables. It will list any files that were not transferred (because they were not found).

  5. The conversion can be run any number of times, but it wipes out any entries in the version 3.20 tables and creates them afresh from the earlier tables. It does not touch the old database tables, so it is possible to uninstall version 3.20 and re-install an earlier 3.x Remository. Obviously, any changes made with version 3.20 will be lost in that case, and you will be back where you were when the upgrade started. This approach does make the upgrade as safe as possible.

  6. Please remember that installation of Remository over old versions will reset the config to the default, so you should always check your config options through the admin interface. (This is avoided in newer version where the config is preserved).

  7. If you did not have a Remository installation at all, you can simply install version 3.20 as a standard Mambo component - look for Mambo documentation on component installation if you have any difficulties with this. After the basic install, remember to install at least one category and link Remository via a menu for access from the front end.

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