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Changing background colours
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Apr 10, 2009 at 09:22 AM

You can modify the appearance of Remository very considerably by changing the CSS. This is found in ../com_remository/remository.css. The XHTML generated by Remository is as simple as possible, and much of the appearance is controlled by CSS, although so far as possible the site template CSS is allowed to control things.

One particular change is required for some sites, and that is a change to the background colours. The default colours are quite neutral and work with some templates. For others, change is desirable. Look towards the end of remository.css and find the following code:

/* This defines the light background colour used by Remository */
.remositoryfilesummary dd, #remositoryuplocal, #remositoryuploadinfo,
#remositorymanycommon, #remositorycontainerlist th, .remositorylight {
	background-color:	#D3D3D3;
/* This defines the dark background colour used by Remository */
.remositorydark, #remositoryupremote {
	background-color:	#999;

Note the two colour specifications of #D3D3D3 and #999. These are hexadecimal codes that are standard in CSS. There are plenty of sites that can be found through a search engine such as Google that provide colour selectors for web designers, and will give the correct code for any colour that you care to choose. Amend the numbers in that section of the Remository CSS and your background colours will change. Please make sure to clear caches if the effect is not immediately visible.

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