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The Remository file repository application for Joomla, supports up to Joomla 3.8+ and PHP7. Provides extensive capabilities for upload and download of files, organization of a repository and flexible access control. Numerous configuration features are available through the administrator interface, which also allows for maintenance of the repository. Files can be stored in the database or the file system (and other alternatives will be available in Remository releases that are under development). The default storage is the database, but any container can have its storage option altered, and the default can be changed to file system if desired. Using the database is the most robust option and guarantees security of the repository. Many options are available through the administrator interface, and more obscure configuration choices can be controlled by editing the file com_remository_constants.php.
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Administrator (admin)
Submitted On:
25 Sep 2017
File Size:
GNU GPL ver 2
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File Author:
Martin Brampton and others
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