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Arabic Font Problem on Dedicated Server CentOS - J - 2012/03/29 11:52 Dear All,

I need experts to solve my problem. Customer Service cannot help with such problem since they don't deal with application-based errors.

I have a dedicated server on GoDaddy, with the following:
Server: Localhost via UNIX socket
Server version: 5.1.61
Protocol version: 10
MySQL charset: UTF8_general_ci
MySQL client version: 4.1.22
phpMyAdmin version: 3.4.9
Apache: 2.2.22
PHP: 5.3.10 --> GD, Gettext, Mbstring are all enabled.

I need your urgent help please.

Currently, I exhausted all possible solutions from online documentations
and discussions, suggestions, all possible solutions for such a tiny
problem with encoding, but all are unsuccessful.

Any Arabic font text I enter from the client side it changes automatically
to question marks (??????).

Funny enough that when I go then to phpmyadmin
and I see the new article saved as ????? in the contents table, I edit it
manually to the Arabic text (from within phpmyadmin) and I save it, it works
successfully on my Joomla end. In other word, I can see phpMyAdmin has no problem with charset since I can manually enter Arabic text and save it. But when the Arabic text comes from client side (Joomla or WordPress), the encoding from there gets corrupted.

However, I can see the source of the problem starting when I first install Joomla I get:

MB Language is Default No PHP mbstring language is not set to neutral. This
can be set locally by entering*php_value mbstring.language neutral* in your
..htaccess file.

This above error of joomla installation is missing seeing the correct
language. Well, PHP has a "Constitution" file (php.ini) that can parse what
is required in the client side. Unfortunately, even when adding the
required language value, it cannot see it.

When I add the .htaccess file to the public_html directory of my domain
account, and I add the line required for MB (*php_value mbstring.language
neutral*), I get the 500 Internal Server Error. I checked the php-mbstring
and it is already installed (yum install php-mbstring).

Further, I summarise below the actions I did with no luck:

1. I made sure that the database and phpmyadmin are both in the correct
charset that supports Arabic language (UTF8).

2. I added the necessary code to the main php.ini under /etc/php.ini as
mbstring.language = Neutral
mbstring.internal_encoding = UTF-8
mbstring.http_input = UTF-8
mbstring.http_output = UTF-8
mbstring.encoding_translation = On
mbstring.detect_order = auto
mbstring.substitute_character = long

3. I added the following to httpd.conf file and I got the 500 Internal
Server Error:
php_value mbstring.language = Neutral ; Set default language to
Neutral(UTF-8) (default)
php_value mbstring.internal_encoding = UTF-8 ; Set default internal
encoding to UTF-8
php_value mbstring.encoding_translation = On ; HTTP input encoding
translation is enabled
php_value mbstring.http_input = auto ; Set HTTP input character set
dectection to auto
php_value mbstring.http_output = UTF-8 ; Set HTTP output encoding to UTF-8
php_value mbstring.detect_order = auto ; Set default character encoding
detection order to auto
php_value mbstring.substitute_character = none ; Do not print invalid
php_value default_charset = UTF-8 ; Default character set for auto content
type header

4. I tried Joomla (1.5 and 2.5) - both same problem.

5. I tried WordPress the latest version - Same problem. The ?????? appear even in the installation process when I choose an Arabic-font name for the site.

6. I changed the charset from utf8_general_ci to UTF-8 Unicode (utf8) and to cp1256 (both bin and general_ci) ... on database and tables -- with no luck.

7. Ok then, the problem seems with PHP? Let me go and add the following to php.ini once in the main file /etc/php.ini and once in a new php.ini file I created inside cgi-bin - in either way I did restart Apache, and I did rebuild Apache with PHP, and I even restarted the server! with the same problem - as if Joomla is blind and does not want to see the default language set to Neutral!

mbstring.language = Neutral
mbstring.internal_encoding = UTF-8
mbstring.http_input = UTF-8
mbstring.http_output = UTF-8
mbstring.encoding_translation = On
mbstring.detect_order = auto
mbstring.substitute_character = long;
mbstring.func_overload = 1

Then I commented the above and tried:
mbstring.language = neutral
mbstring.internal_encoding = EUC-JP
mbstring.http_input = auto
mbstring.http_output = SJIS
mbstring.encoding_translation =
mbstring.detect_order = auto
mbstring.substitute_character =
mbstring.func_overload = 0

With no Luck.

8. I tried very many tricks on Joomla Admin panel itself, changing language to Arabic, I added Arabic package and allll possible tricks. It is not relevant.
Please help!

Many thanks in advance.

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