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Remository 3.53.13 Download


Final release 8 June 2010. The latest upgrade to the Remository file repository software, this version for use with MiaCMS, Joomla 1.0.x or Mambo. Major changes in this release:

  • Search field on most Remository pages to activate the internal Remository search
  • Ability to set "price" for each file in the administrator interface - manage files
  • Show users current download status on file detailed information page
  • When Remository stores a file in the file system, it adds an ID number to make it unique. This behavior is now optional, and file names can be left unaltered. Changing the option will rename existing files, subject to there being no duplicate names.
  • The Remository access control system can now optionally use CMS groups in place of Remository groups. With standard CMS groups this would be very restrictive, but if an extension is being used to provide a wider range of groups, it may be preferable for Remository to use the CMS groups.
  • Fields shown on all major pages can be selected through the configuration customizer
  • Add files already on server is made more robust
  • Deselecting the overall default for storing files in the database now moves files out of the database into the directory specified as the main download path.
  • New modernized version of QuickDown

Fixed upload bug 3.53.1 9 June 2010. Fixed more small bugs 3.53.2 21 June 2010. Major bug fix affecting downloads in 3.53.3. Other bug fixes in 3.53.4 on 30 July 2010. Fixed problem with + in orphan file names 3.53.5 10 August 2010. Fixed possible vulnerability 3.53.7 27 August 2010. Workaround for bugs in PHP 5.2.12+ and 5.3.x in release 3.53.11 June 2011. Fixed bug showing on downloads, improved admin headrs 3.53.12 July 2011. Fixed bug in access control admin; replaced functions deprecated in PHP 5.3 - 1.53.13 Sept 2011.

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Administrator (admin)
Submitted On:
25 Sep 2011
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GPL ver. 2
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File Author:
Martin Brampton
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